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Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway

Smithfield, VA - United States

Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway - Fine Artist

Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway

Member Since: 11/09/2007

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I have changed my profile shot. The other one did not show me smiling. Although I do have a serious side, I am ususually smiling, especially when I am painting or viewing other artists' work on FAA and commenting. The new picture is not really new. It was taken about 16 years ago. I don't have a current photo of myself ready to upload. When I do, I will.
Thank you for viewing my FAA site. I have a mixture of paintings and photos here. Some of my paintings on on display at two locations in the Smithfield, VA area. I have sold a few paintings locally as well as via FAA. I am fortunate to have spare time to paint. I retired early from my teaching career. I taught second grade in the Hampton City School System for 24 years.
Here is a list of the images that I have on FAA. . However, you can click on 'galleries' to see my paintings/photos in an organized way.

l. Southwestern scenes and Southwestern/Native American themes, especially featuring a lengendary figure: 'Kokopelli'.
2. Works purely from my imagination, including a variety of subjects.
3. Animals, including cats, dogs, elephants, giraffes, birds and butterflies.
4. Experimental : One example of experimental would include painting on Braille paper, yes Braille paper from Braille books..
5. Scenes from nature, realistic or expressionistic scenes. One example would be 'Autumn Hideaway'.
6. Faces, semi-abstract figures
7. Fish: I could have included this in with the animals. However they deserve a category of their own. These are
highly textured, colorful fish, many with luminous effects
8. Fun photo images enhanced by paint
9. Cottages, Buildings, LIghthouses
10. In the 'gallery' section I have also included paintings by my much missed and loved FATHER, Edgar L. Turner.
He painted Mona Lisa, The Gleaners, Blue Boy and many other copies of famous works.
However, he could paint just about ANYTHING that he saw. He painted portraits of family members, including my brother and myself.
He could paint outdoor scenes that are so real looking that I just don't know how to describe them unless you just come over here and I show you the ones that I have... for example: 'Mabry Mill'.
He always used oils on canvas..
One of his favorite subjects to paint was my dear and much missed and loved MOTHER, Anne Young Turner. She was a beauty.
The paintings that my father painted are not for sale. However, I felt that this venue would be a good place to show some of his great artwork.

Note: if you type in '' you can go to other links to my work. I am also on ArtWanted and have my own personal art website:, which, by the way, needs to be upgraded.
Thank you for reading this and may God bless you.

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